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Dear Visitors,

Welcome to zscalegallery.com. My site is a tribute to Z scale model railroading. I invite you to enjoy your visit on this site.

What makes someone love trains? Maybe it's growing up near a train track and remembering the thrill of running to see the afternoon train hauling its daily load of coal cars from the mines. Or maybe it's remembering that Christmas morning so long ago when you raced to the living room to find Santa had left a brand new train set up around the tree. Or maybe you're an old hand who grew up with the smoke of steam locomotives in your nose.

Maybe it's all those things and more. Whatever it is, the love of trains is deeply embedded in our hearts so while you're here you might want to check out some of the depots of interest along this Website. By the way, my reason for modeling American Railroads is that I've visited the United States very often for 25 Years. I've traveled through more then 28 different states by car and every time I had the chance to watch those long trains hauling through the country, I was fascinated.

May this website inspire you to build your own layout and collect Z scale trains. Come take a look! There's always something new to see, to experience, to learn and to try for yourself...

Yours cordially,

Jürg Rüedi
A leaf has been blown off the tree, of many it's just one.

One leaf alone you hardly see, for one but counts as none.

But this simple leaf alone was a great part of our lives.

Therefore will this leaf alone be missed a thousand times.

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