Álvaro's Classic Vehicle Of The 1950s

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These are the classic vehicles from Álvaros Cortes of Portugal.

The pictures above show the progress how Álvaro make his famous cars. After he draws the blueprint of the car on on a piece of styrene, he then start to assemble the pieces with the sides and the doors, giving the car a real carpet, a working hood and trunk deck. He then assembles the head lights, tail lights, bumpers and grilles.After buiding the engine he built the wheels with some electric wires for the tires and of course the wheels do work. Because the Cadillac is owned by Candy (also owner of "The Royal Club" in Rosetown) she ordered her Caddy in pink.

On my wishlist was always the wonderful Greyhound Scenicruiser from the 50s and my friend Álvaro realized that dream for me. He started with the drawing on the styrene and then cut off the sides and the top of the bus, not very easy because the front and the end of the roof are not straight. You can also see the mini bar in the front part of the bus, the seats and many passengers. Of course there must be also a driver and a bus stewardess for the coffee service. Notice the Chevrolet Bel Air police car for the Rosetown City.

Rosetown is a lovely place to live but there are some mean people all around the world so the Sheriff must be prepared. Of course he needs a fast car to catch the criminals. :-)

It's also time that Juan Alvarez gets a new tow truck for his garage because his business is growing.

What is a growing city without a taxi? Of course nothing! We decide to have a beautiful 48' Chrysler Windsor taxi and a stunning Chevrolet Corvette sports car for the local "Playboy".

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