Álvaro's Used Car Garage

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My Friend Álvaro changed the overall look of Rosetown completely with his fantastic cars from the 50s. To honor his great work I've asked him to build a garage for Rosetown with his name on it. Let's see the progress.

In the pictures above you can find a mix of photos that where taken during the building process. Many things have been improved like the security fence

Look at Álvaro's painstaking work to make the brick walls. He loves the tiny details like the showroom with mirrors, the checkroom, bathroom and the gatekeeper office. He has an eye for all those important details, even for the ones that are hidden.

How about a fully detailed garage with a lathe, shelves, tools, lifting jack, welding plant, cylinder block, pin up calendars... dozens of details as far as the eye can see. Well the workers have a lot of work to do, they must rebuild the front end of the blue 57 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible because of an accident, you can see the column of the steering wheel in one of the pictures.

Here are some pictures from the showroom with the sales department, no computer on the desk because we are in the 50s... but yes a phone ;-)

Some leather armchairs for the customers and of course a red carpet! Finally those beautiful little cars, a 1955 Chevrolet convertible and a beautiful 57 Bel Air. Some photos show a quick mock-up with other buildings around and of course the other stunning cars and buses that Álvaro has built for Rosetown.

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