Indian Summer Diorama

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This diorama could be set in several geographic areas, but I have to admit I was thinking about the hills and mountains of Pennsylvania for this one. Maybe because I built it in the Fall just as the leaves were turning. There is a real, for lack of a better word, "earthiness". If you've never been through the hills of Pennsylvania in the fall... you should make the effort to do so at some point in time.

Jürg had sent me images looking out of his window at home for color. I used these colors as a base but went with a bit more color in my trees. The main reason for this was the leaves were already further along in their color in New York... and I decided to use all natural leaves for my trees and ground cover for this diorama.

I designed a set of old and cracked retaining walls as well as a Ztrains Store tunnel portal set as my primary man-made elements. A small grade crossing was added as well... a bit of hastily laid blacktop by a work crew years before adds a sense of civilization... but only a sense.

The railroad uses a chopped box car as a temporary storage solution for... well, there are drainage pipes nearby... but I'm not entirely sure what's being built here! A simple post fence was added years ago as well.

Some close-ups here and there... checking tree color and ground cover. A small resin retaining wall I designed might be my favorite little thing on this diorama. It's easy to miss unless you're looking for it... but I think that's half the fun in a small scene... looking for little details. Last photo is a happy guy and a good friend along with his son!

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