Stone Pond Diorama

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There were many valuable lessons learned on this build... patience being chief among them. For some reason this simple bit of scenery gave me a real headache. Maybe because it was so simple, I'm used to adding different levels of track or interesting angles, this diorama is pretty straight forward but it still earned a special nickname from me.

This piece is very simple... relatively flat ground in front and a high background to serve as the backdrop for photos. As I usually do I tried to test out some new products on this build, the NOCH static grass gun, cat tails, new flower mats, etc.

I was not going to add water to this scene but instead have a slight depression where a small body of water, maybe some sort of catch basin, would have been. I spoke with Jürg and he wanted water so... we went with a small pond. This was a good exercise in adding interest to a fairly basic bit of water. High grasses, a few curves in the shoreline and a visible stream bed.

Cat tails... when I bought these online I thought they'd be too big but they looked good in the catalog photos so I thought I'd try them. Unfortunately they were too large and I ended up not using them. Too bad... they have a "look" to them. Making a shoreline where the water doesn't "wick" up the sides is always tricky.

More water and grass shots. Kind of swampy, kind of milky-green water... I liked it! When visiting Arizona a few years back I saw some of the recreational "lakes" that were available. Coming from the East Coast and living near the water... these desert lakes looked downright dangerous! The water here is sort of a hybrid of a running stream and the green lakes of Arizona :)

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