ZMod's Springfield Module, Part 1

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During the wintertime Torsja and I talked about a small module in the ZMod standard that we could build together by preparing some buildings and other stuff at home and then finish the module during the ZMod show in Oslo this April. This website was created to see the progress of the 40cm deep and 60cm wide module. We wanted to make a small city called Springfield :-)

Rob's and Chris' release of the Nails Brother Yard was the starting point. We want also to use Ben's Dorothy House, a burned building from Lionel Gazeau, Märklin, ED's auto repair, the MPP Rabbit Hash and maybe a train station.

We want to make something like on the first two photos above but a bit more modern. Torsja started with the benchwork and we both worked also on some cool buildings (laser kits).

Torsja's progress was very fast as you can see on the pictures. He uses whatever he get in his hand, even motor parts as weights for the track. In the meantime our car factory from Portugal called Álvaro started with gas pumps and cars for our module.

No cool module without trees from famous Loren Snyder, direct import from Oregon. Also Álvaro's pickup truck was delivered by a Hummer. You can also see some progress of the general store and the start of Torsja's landscaping.

Painstaking work from Torsja with a sensational result! Also the MTL track was glued on the cork bed and got the final rusty touch. The last two pictures shows the start of the old concrete road.

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