ZMod's Springfield Module, Part 2

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Follow part two of the step by step ZMOD Module from Torsja and me.

The foundation for the gravel roads are almost done. It's done by applying a layer of "Ice Crust" and fixing it with white glue and soap water. The concrete road and the asphalt paved hill road looks already great. I guess some more weathering will be applied later on in the project. The second row of pictures shows some test shots with Álvaros cars and the start of Rob Ray's "Nail Brothers Salvage".

Ed's auto repair coming along real nice but will maybe get a different name, also the Nail Brothers building get some progress. The second row of pictures shows a quick mock up with some buildings and a test piece from Bernd Bauer to show what kind of lamps and railroad signals are possible to use.

The last bunch of pictures are self speaking and shows the progress in differnt stages. It's still not finished so stay tuned for part three of the project. Let me say thanks to Torsja for his great help.

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