ZMod Train Show In Olso, Norway 2007

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I had the chance to visit my friends in Oslo Norway during the ZMod show this April 2007. I've arrived in Oslo after a stop in Kopenhagen (Denmark) at 11 AM. I took the Airport Express to Zentralstation in Downtown Oslo. It's about a 20 minute train ride.

I caught a taxi at the Zentralstation and after 5 minutes I arrived at the Amundsen Hobbyshop where the Show was located. Torsja, Henrik and Hans gave me a warm welcome. I had my little diorama with me that was build from my friend John Cubbin. Of course we immediatley start talking about Z. As you can see I've showed also some handmade cars from my friend Álvaro from Portugal.

Of course I also showed some cool stuff from Rob Ray, Freudenreich, Dave Freehling, etc. People where fascinated about the size of the engine, cars and automobiles. We experimented with different locomotives on Torsja's beautiful Needle Eye Layout and after a long day it was time to drive with Torsja's Ford pickup to the next Pizza Restaurant where we had good food and a lot of fun.

The next few pictures shows some impressions from Oslo early in the morning because I woke up so early, I took my camera and walked along the harbor. Some very nice old buildings and interesting things to explore, like the small intermodal yard or the new Opera.

The first row of pictures shows some other parts of Oslo like the train station and the toll building and as always, don't leave your bicycle alone over night :-)

The second row shows some impressions of the show with visitors, exhibitors and of course model trains.

It's time to take a close up of Torsja's breathtaking Needle Eye Layout with a bunch of trestles, tunnels, mountains and waterfalls.

The last pictures shows the various beautiful modules from the ZMod gang. Tiny details and great work! Too bad the show was over so fast and it was time to go.

See you all in 2008!

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