ZMod Train Show In Olso, Norway 2008

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I had the chance to visit my friends in Oslo, Norway during the ZMod show in April 2008 again. I want to thank Torsja, Hans, Henrik, Christian, Pal, Bosse, Frank, Amundsen and all others for the help I've got during the show. Special thanks to Hans and Torsja for the "spare room and hospitality". The pictures below are from Torsja, Frank and me.

I arrived in Oslo after a short 2 hour flight from Zürich in the afternoon. I took the Airport Express to Zentralstation in downtown Oslo. It's about a 20 minute ride on a very comfortable train. I caught a taxi at the Zentralstation and after 5 mnutes I arrived at the Amundsen Hobbyshop where the show was located. Torsja was already there, you can see his old Ford Pickup in front of the store. The ZMod Gang were working on the setup and they had a lot of fun, especially Christian and Pal. Hand Riddervold was there and I took the chance for a small talk.

The first picture shows the almost finished setup, the second photo is from inside Hans' beautiful house where I could stay the first night. The next picture is a quick mock up of a RTR. Japan Pro-Z layout and all other pictures shows Hans' fantastic "My Golden Empire" Z scale layout build from Lyn St.Laurent. Stunning!

The first three pictures show some AZL "secret" prototypes, then again many impressions on Hans' layout.

First picture is from SP Daylight E7 A-B-B beauty. The next couple of pictures show some cars from my friend Álvaro Cortes from Portugal. Everybody was really amazed about his work. Next are some various pictures from more cool stuff and people.

Briefcase and Mini-Layouts are always a hit and people were exited about the quality and size. You must take a look closer at all those great details. The tractors, tunnels, mountains, bridges and the fantastic illuminated little ship under the breathtaking bridge:

Men at work!
Bosse (from Sweden), Torsja, me and Henrik are working on our modules and stuff. That's fun, trust me! Then it was time to leave the show and catch my plane to Zürich. The 3 days went by so fast and we had still so much work to do. I took the module in my bag and prayed that it would survive the trip to Switzerland and as you can see in the second last picture, it survived in good shape.

To all my Friends in Norway.... see you next Year!!!

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